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ACS GW Success!!!!!


Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

Could you please PM me as well. I have been sending in GW letters once a week for 3 months now and have not received anything back. Please help!!!
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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

If anyone has contact info for ACS will you please pm it to me ? Thanks in advance
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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

@MortgageBound wrote:

Hi all!


Just wanted to share my GW success with everyone. I'm soooooo excited!!!! A few months ago, I was under contract on a new home and my lender sent me an urgent email stating my FICO dropped 130 pts. I investigated why and there was a mistake from my credit union (i've since had fixed) and also a 60-day late from ACS (Jan 2011) I knew NOTHING about. I've always had a good payment history with them and I didn't realized I was late. Of course, this destroyed my new house plans but I was determined to bounce back even if it took a year or more....


After talking with a few people on this board, especially nyqutie, I decided to try and GW ACS. I contacted the angel there 3 weeks ago (sent 3 separate emails) and yesterday I received the following email:


I received your email and the requests you sent to the ACS Board of Directors.  I am reviewing your account information and will be in touch by close of business tomorrow (Wednesday 4/27) with the outcome of my research.

I  appreciate your patience while we completely look into your account information to see if there is any way to grant your request.


Needless to say, I was just excited to get a response. Well, here's what I received this morning:


I have researched your account and determined taking into consideration the overpayments you made, I am able to submit a request to clear the 60 day delinquency that was reported. To date you have been in repayment 52 months and the funds received were equal to 53 payments. Sufficient enough to make the adjustment.


I have submitted the request the three Major Credit Bureaus to remove the 60 day delinquency. Industry Standards allow 30-45 days for the bureaus to update the information.


If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me directly.


WOOHOO!!!!!! I'm too thrilled! I'm on my way back to the 750+ club and to buying another home!!! Thanks again, nyqutie, for the info/encouragement and others of you for the encouragement!!!! If there's someone out there trying to get GW success, DON'T  GIVE UP!! IT WORKS!!!!!!



Wow, Two things stand out to me here: (1) I have negative marks on my ACS grad school loans that I want to remove and I submitted a Goodwill letter to a contact responsible for Customer Advocacy for ACS who's name I found via google searches. I realized that I too had been overpaying consistently since 2004 on my undergraduate loans to pay it off faster. I should have brought that up to help me like you did. (2) The person who e-mailed you mentioned the mail you sent the ACS "board of directors." How did you find that contact info?

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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

Hi, I also have 1 bad account with ACS.  Opened 4/2005; First reported 5/2008; Date of Status 6/2010.  This one bad account is across all 3 bureaus. My credit score has been rising and this one baddie is holding me back.  I would like to attempt a GW.  I would love the ability to send an email if someone has the proper contacts available.  Otherwise the right contacts to mail my letter to.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Congrats to Mortgagebound for their success with ACS.  Hopefully shortly with some luck, I can report the same thing. 


Any ACS contact/email info would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

I am beginning the process of rebuilding my credit and it looks like ACS is the primary problem. I had one 30 day overdue, but since I have several loans from ACS, this counted as 4 lates on my credit report. 


If anyone has a sample letter they used successfully with ACS, and/or contact information on who I should be sending a GW letter to, I would appreciate it very much!



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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

I'm so excited for you if you don't mind could you please share the email address and who you spoke with i have been trying to get this cleared up for years and have had no luck. Some people on the board just don't like sharing info. Thanks in advance.
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Re: ACS GW Success!!!!!

Also trying to remove a 90 day late payment from 3 years ago. If anyone can PM me the contact information for a goodwill letter to ACS eduction I would be most grateful--thank you!

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