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Interpreting Your FICO Score

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Re: Interpreting Your FICO Score

Bump again to entertain our newer members who might never have seen this.
* Credit is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master. * Who's the boss --you or your credit?
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Re: Interpreting Your FICO Score

I'm a principal on the  rubric.... actually I am looking for my first assistant principal interview in reality, but I'm pushing for mayor in 2010. PBW for Mayor '10.
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Re: Interpreting Your FICO Score

First post is a classic. LOL.
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Re: Interpreting Your FICO Score

Moved menmem's post to start its own thread. Subject: Two quick questions

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Re: Interpreting Your FICO Score

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Re: Interpreting Your FICO Score

Hi Robert,


MY credit score is bum- i am trying to find way to fix it. if you still have a copy of your execl sheet if  you dont mind can you please email me the copy at [edited!]




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Re: Interpreting Your FICO Score

Guess that makes me a store clerk. (Soon to be promoted!)



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Re: Interpreting Your FICO Score

a store clerk? thats all i am. lol

my wife thinks im a jerk now that i have taken over the checkbooks, and set us up on a balanced payment schedule. im not sexy anymore.

 we burned over a 1000 a week before i got hurt at work, and have made it by on less than 500 while ive been out for almost a year. were did that other 500 a week go?

 i never wanted to deal with paying bills. so i let her deal with it. she was already living on her own, and was in the banking business when i left the comfort of my mommy and daddys home to live with her. years past,4 kids later, i should have figured something was up. her and the kids all have nice things, and im still wearing the same pair of shoes ive owned for the last 6 years, along with some old raty t'shirts that are older than my credit history of 14 years.

 if i can just get to fair with a hint of decent, i will be happy by this time next year.  being principal/mayor of the peoples under me(my family) might involve some harsh decisions, but if thats what it takes, then ive started now by taking the big gulps and slushy machines out of the store.

i really do fill like a store owner/clerk. i get to use my kids to get all of my taxes back and live mostly tax free like most store and hotel owners. Smiley Very Happy


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Re: Interpreting Your FICO Score

Thanks for the smile.  Sounds like tough times, but you are keeping your sense of humor.  Hang in there.
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Re: Interpreting Your FICO Score

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