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Annoying MyFICO Reports....

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Annoying MyFICO Reports....

Hi all!


I pulled my 3B reports every 3 months from MyFICO as I am subscriber. I keep seeing Toyota loan as "Charged Off" ONLY in March 2015, the month I filed for BK7. I keep going to Experian's website to file dispute BUT the information on my report DOES NOT show *ANY* charge off on Toyota file! I even called Toyota, they said they never put "Charge off or collections" Only "IIB" and zero balance even thou' I didn't reaffirm with them, I paid it off few months later. I also paid them ontime up to, including and after BK7 filing so there's NEVER late.


So what is MyFICO pulling???? Do they re-use old reports or what? who are they pullin' from? It's annoying and rethinking if my $30 a month investment is worth for wrong/outdated information here? (No, I *LOVE* forum!!! and you guys and gals! Smiley Very Happy )






BK7 Filed 3/15, Discharged 6/15

Starting FICO 7/5/15: EQ: 490, TU: 497, EX: 477
Current FICO 3/28/19: EQ: 731, TU: 707, EX: 735

Current Cards my own:
Discover: Opened 11/15, SL: $1,500, Current CL: $6,000
Sears Citi MC: Opened 12/17 SL & Current CL: $5,000

AU on my wife’s cards:
AmEx ED: Current CL: $1,500 (Opened 1/16)
AmEx CMC: Current CL: $22,000 (Opened 11/18)
Chase Freedom Unlimited: Current CL: $11,900 (Opened 4/18)

CitiMortgage, Opened 12/17

My own AmEx Magnet Card, opened 8/20 SL $6,000
Apple Card 12/20 SL $5,000
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Re: Annoying MyFICO Reports....

Came hunting for info on the myFico EX report. I filed BK7 in March and 3/4 of my accounts are showing late payments but I went to dispute since those accounts were never late and that's NOT what Experian is showing on my report from them. I also have one that shows as a charge off that should have been a positive trade line since it was paid off prior to the BK, also incorrect. Experian has it right, so where did myFico get the bad info?


Not so sure my $30 a month is being put to good use if I'm not getting accurate info Smiley Frustrated

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