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Two Rebound Approvals

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Two Rebound Approvals

I have a big purchase this month (new hardwood floors) and figured I would get a few SUBS for it. After gardening for 8 months I applied for the US Bank Altitude Reserve but was denied (denied again on recon). So... Having already exited the garden with two HPs (and still planning on getting my floors) I went for the next two cards on my short list and both were approved. Worth noting: US Bank pulled EQ for the app and EX for the recon which I was not expecting. They are usually a TU puller (my best score) Smiley Sad


NFCU Flagship Rewards $20K SL (50000 points SUB)

Capital One Savor $20K SL ($300 SUB)


On a side note, this is my first NFCU credit product of any kind. And, because there have been more than a few posts from people being denied the Flagship as their first card, I was a little nervous. But, it worked out. 


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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

US BANK WHO? Smiley Happy
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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

Congrats on your approvals 



Sorry about the denial Smiley Sad

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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

Hahaha you sure pulled two whales out of the ocean riding that AR denial. Congrats! 🥳 


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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

Congrats and enjoy those SUBs!


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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

Congrats on the approvals! It sucks about the denial but I wouldn't worry too much about it since the other 2 more then make up.

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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

Congrats on some really nice approvals!!

Bummer about AR; that's the next card on my list. But your 2 other approvals more than make up for it!
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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

BOOM !!!..YOU...

awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS  on your Rebound approvals - NFCU Flagship Rewards and Capital One Savor, and the AWESOME  SLs!!!  

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Re: Two Rebound Approvals

The USB TU puller thing is normally only when opening a Checking and adding a CC to the app process. 


Outside of that process they're known to pull any of the 3 CRA's.

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Re: Two Rebound Approvals


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