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Achieving Very Large Amex Personal Revolving Limits

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Re: Achieving Very Large Amex Personal Revolving Limits

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For me what helped the most was getting new cards. I was denied my first CLI but then they had no problems approving me for new cards with high limits. I know it's not ideal but that's what worked for me. I'm sure someone has mentioned this before, but don't forget that you can move your limits between your cards, just NOT business to personal.


Also, I would suggest getting the business cards since those are treated differently regarding their limits.

Speaking of CLs and reallocations, (and sorry for the O/T sidebar @K-in-Boston). 


So, I attempted a CL reallocation online earlier this month from the plain HHonors account to Delta Platinum (both personal revolvers), and the default minimum $500 CL selection auto-populated for HHonors (CL $9,500).  I figured I'll leave it as $500 and eventually close it once the  $9,000 goes through.  Click Click, Submit. Womp Womp.


So, I figured...maybe too many revolvers? Or, the system is tracking overall exposure (even with reallocation)?  Now, I've done it before with my other revolvers and they went smooth.


Got the letter and the reason stated:


° Reallocating available credit from the requested account would cause its line of credit to fall below the minimum allowed per American Express policy. 


So, is there a minimum threshold for the plain HHonors? 🤔 (the system initially gave the option to go as low as $500).  And, how soon can this be re-attempted?  Best to try it again online or call?  I'm in no hurry of course, but daddy needs to consolidate to ummmm... yes 😁

It's a 1000$ for no AF cards or I think 7x your AF, whichever is greater.

Call Amex and they'd be more than happy to help you.

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Re: Achieving Very Large Amex Personal Revolving Limits

Are they still requiring that the donor card be opened at least 12 months? I was able to move credit from my Surpass to my Aspire right after I was approved for my Aspire by calling in. Have not tried to move credit around via the online dashboard.



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