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The Evasive FICO Equation

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Re: The Evasive FICO Equation

@Anonymous wrote:

Nick777 wrote: Ok, well I'm wondering who does know. Somebody has got to be willing to leak it.
It's probably like the Coke formula. No single person knows the entire thing. A few very senior people know parts of it, and they can't travel on the same airplane together. One crash and we'd all have to drink Pepsi. Smiley Sad
Same with FICO. I'll bet no one has access to the whole program.

At least we have a bottle of Coke to rip apart and study. I still want to see an example of an 850 CR. :-)

I bet some techies at one of the CRAs were able to create a test profile and create history to see how certain things effected the scores. Now thats a simulator I would love to play with.

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