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Lenghty Equifax file and possible split file?

My last EQ FICO pull was 616 two weeks ago.  My initial goal is over 700 but just to relay progress, my wife is over 700 now and her EQ file is clean.. FINALLY!  Mine is still a work in progress so I decided to try and sign up for one of their products to make viewing easier.  Well to make a long story short I went all the way to India and back to find out why my order attempts kept failing.  Well someone in GA or maybe it was CSC (since im in TX) let me know that my file was way too long after being xfred a ton of times.  Alot of soft inquires, disputes, yada yada.  So after a lecture on pulling each day and what not I asked her my main question "So I can't order your product because of this?"  She said "N