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Backdoor Numbers

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

@Ron1 wrote:

Here is the number to verify identity for Comenity:


Account Protection: 





Thanks! -- added it!

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

This is an awesome list! I'm just commenting so I can access this from everywhere Smiley Happy

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

I called the backdoor numbers for Capital One and no luck for me (9939) and (7866) they just directed me to the online system or online... any suggestions?
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Welcome to the forums.

Google "get human capital one executive office email". First on list.
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Thank you Imperfectfuture.... I will try that tomorrow.
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Great list I used it just yesterday on a WF app and Best Buy , however no luck on either , seems to many recent inq can hurt .lol

Back in the garden.

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Citibank number is bogus

This Citibank number is bogus:


Citi Credit Card Executive Office 423-477-6858 -CreditAddict 


You should take it off your list immediately.


I called it, following up on a Citi Double Cash credit limit increase I'd requested.


Igot a robotic person who you immediately know from her voice isn't going to help you.


She said I had the wrong phone number and she would transfer me to to the right department.


When I got to that department I got another very robotic person who you know isn't going to help you.


And all she did was tell me that my credit limit increase had been denied.


Wasn't going to talk about it at all.




*Note* from Kenny -- updated the list to remove it. Thanks for your input.

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My experience with the Barclays 24/7 Underwriting number

Subjectively I think this is a good number, but I didn't achieve any results by calling it.


I've called this number a total of 3 times:


Barclays  866-951-1437 ( 24/7 Underwriting Dept)- jsucool 


I think all times were in connection with my trying to get the

Barclays Ring card. I think the 1st time was for reconsideration; the next time asking for moving credit limits

around; the 3rd time asking for a product switch.


It does seem that you get intelligent people who are trying to do something.


But in my case I had the feeling that for a while they were trying to be helpful, and were

inclined to throw me some kind of bone,

and then something came up on their computer screen that told them they couldn't do anything

for me .... period. And they didn't want to admit that the decision had been taken out of their hands.


Nevertheless I do think the number is viable, and the people who pick up the phone

so far appear to be ok people.



Total revolving limits 743700 (625200 reporting) FICO 8: EQ 705 TU 717 EX 687

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Sorry you didn't have any luck with them. I decided to give it a try. I had been wanting to call them anyway. I previously had two Capital One cards, and now with the take over of my Orchard and Disover cards, I now have four Capital One cards. I wanted to call to see if I could combine into one or two cards. I called the 800-889-9939 number and spoke with someone who looked at all my cards. He wasn't able to combine my cards, but he did say Cap One is currently working on converging cards for people who now have multiple cards because of these take overs. I asked about my card that had the longest history with them and he was able to convert it from a regular card to a Quicksilver so I was happy about that. I also got a small bump in my credit limit (it had a recent zero balance). 

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Awesome list. Anyone have an updated number for Discover recon / credit analyst?
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