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Backdoor Numbers

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

@wzx547 wrote:

BofA E/O: 704-386-5687 doesn't work anymore. Anyone know an alternate number?

Updated, thanks.

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

For American Express, I had success using 877-621-2639.  I checked my account last night and checked a few cards and saw the "pre-approval".  I was interested in the Cash Magnet card, app'd and got the 10-14 day message (their pre-approvals need some work lol). I tried the number listed in the main thread but had a hard time getting to a human (could have been my fault).  Called the above number, selected "status of application" and when they started asking for info I said "customer service", was connected to a really nice guy who approved the card for $7200 and said that I would be eligible for an increase "soon".

As of 5/8/19
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BB&T Contact info

Since they're popular here's some helpful info if you run into issues.


For pending applications / issues with new accounts:

Bankcard Services at 800-476-4228
6am-12 midnight Monday-Saturday.


BB&T Community Bank Client First Group <BB&> = Goes to the C-Level office 


800 642 3039 - complaint resolution BBT  (can't remember who provided this from here)

500K+ TCL / 800+ FCOs
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